10 best equestrian blogs in the UK

As every pampeano customer is aware, pampeano is the epitome of equestrian, as experts in genuine handmade leather merchandise and in particular, polo equipment. Equestrianism is clearly a subject that is close to the pampeano heart.

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With this theme in mind, we bring you our favourite UK equestrian style blogs. As with many things today, the web is somewhat saturated with content on this matter so we have have separated the best from the mediocre for you and gathered a collection of the very best blogs. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did and do share with your friends.

  1. Savvy Horsewoman

This blog has always been one of the first ports of call for the pampeano team due to its mix of horse care tips and light hearted articles. The design is no-nonsense and easy to navigate and crucially, this lady keeps equestrian blog well updated.

You can follow Savvy Horsewoman on social media and in particular, Pinterest to keep up to date with her musings and we think you will get some awesome tips for looking after your horse from this blog.

  1. The Equestrian

This classic blog is definitely our favourite when it comes to aesthetics. The Equestrian is written by a horse lover who has a retreat both here and in California and therefore has some really interesting content. It is hardly surprising that this equestrian blog wins awards on a regular basis due to the quality of its content.

For equestrian news from around the world, style advice and even training advice, this should most definitely be one of your main ports of call when it comes to all things riding.

  1. Horse & Hound

There is surely no publication in the UK more authoritative when it comes to equestrianism than Horse & Hound and believe it or not, they have a blog dedicated to just that. Although some see the magazine as a little high-brow and inaccessible for younger readers, the blog is quite the contrary and has a range of fantastic features published every month. Give it a try, we think you will be pleasantly surprised.


  1. A Country Lady

As we all know, riding isn’t just about the horses but also style and this is perhaps our favourite equestrian style blog due to the fact that it is written so naturally by someone who clearly cares. The lady in charge, Abi, writes most of the blogs herself and sometimes invites contributors to write about everything from riding tips, professional equestrianism and of course the styles that are in this season.

  1. Velvet Rider

With a title like this, you cannot really go wrong when looking for an elegant, well written equestrian blog. In similar fashion to A Country Lady, this site fuses all the culture and lifestyle that horse riding has to offer as well as the latest news and views from the sport. Add to this some brilliant reviews and infographics and you have yourself a superb all-rounder of an equine blog.

  1. With a Stroke of The Horse

Now, this blog may just do what it says on the tin but we think that’s one of its charms. Despite being an old school blogspot, this blog is packed with equine tips, reviews and interesting guest posts from genuine riders.

If you are looking for a straight talking equestrian blog that concentrates on the content rather than a snazzy design, then look no further than With a Stroke of The Horse.

  1. The Legal Equestrian

This blog is an exquisite perspective of hunting, riding, equestrian fashion and law. The girl who writes it simply loves to talk about all the latest equestrianism innovations and is always reviewing the very latest products one can use on their horse. She does take guest contributors but only from writers of an exceptional calibre as you will see when you start to read the articles on this wonderfully elegant site.

The design of The Legal Equestrian is also simple yet pleasing to the eye, making it a firm favourite with many of the team here at pampeano.

  1. Equestrian Lifestyle

As anyone who lives or works in the industry or who just loves equestrian, it really is a way of life. From early morning mucking out of stables, to glitzy events where your equestrian style is of paramount importance, one needs to immerse themselves in the life of a rider to really enjoy all it has to offer. The Equestrian Lifestyle blog can help you to do just that.

This blog has a truly regal design and is all about style, written from the perspective of an equestrian fashionista. From the latest boots to the European equestrian hotspots, this blog is luxury from start to finish.

  1. Equestrian Stylist

With this article all being about the best equestrian style blogs in the UK, it wouldn’t really be right not to mention Equestrian Stylist. This one is quite unique in design and despite being quite classic to look at, contains all sorts of snippets about equestrian travel, art, fashion and products reviews. You can also follow these guys on Instagram to stay right up to date.

  1. Ambitious Equestrian

Last but not least in our list of the 10 best equestrian blogs in the UK, is The Ambitious Equestrian. This one does come last as the design is very outdated, but most of the guys here at pampeano still check it out on a regular basis.

There are always posts about the bloggers own horse, Oscar, which are always lovely to read and the social media accounts attached to Ambitious Equestrian are always well worth a look. So, never judge a book by its cover, this blog is well worth a read.


These are our 10 favourite equestrian blogs for 2016, perhaps you have one we haven’t mentioned, in which case we would love to hear from you! If not, happy reading and remember you can get in touch with the pampeano team any time by emailing us at customer.services@pampeano.co.uk

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