Argentinian leather dog collar – Meet Vesper

Poppy from Oxfordshire recently contacted us to say how much she loved her pampeano leather dog collar and lead.

Poppy was kind enough to send us a picture of her beautiful puppy Vesper. Vesper is proudly sporting a hand-stitched leather collar. Vesper’s gorgeous honey-colour brings out the glossy Havana brown of our signature leather, and we have to say she looks superb! Vesper’s name was inspired by the enigmatic Bond girl in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, whom Eva Green played. Meaning ‘night’ in Latin, this is a name perfectly suits to such a strong and mysterious character.


a pampeano leather dog collar and lead

In our dog accessories collectionyou will find our favourite designs that we chose specially with our canine friends in mind. Each collar is available with a matching lead which can we will personalise on request, and both pieces have been handwoven with the greatest care. The brightly coloured saddlery threads that form pampa diamonds and traditional patterns recall our roots in the fields of La Pampa, Argentina. This is a province very dear to our hearts. It is the place that first gave us so much inspiration, since it has such a long heritage of exquisite handcrafts and leatherwork.

our leather

Our accessories for dogs were born out of our experience in La Pampa, where we started out as a supplier of premium polo accessories. Here, we studied the fine Argentinian leather, which is wonderfully sturdy and sleek, just perfect for canine and equestrian activities! Our unique vegetable tanning process is carried out by professionals who are artisans in their own right. This ensures that our leads and collars are the most durable and beautiful that they can be.



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