Autumn Style with a Polo Belt

Autumn is a wonderful season, with just a hint of a chill in the air and the leaves falling off the trees, it is when Britain is the most beautiful. We are surrounded by the red, yellow and gold of the leaves beneath our feet, and it is time to get fashion to match the season. This outfit brings in all the warmth of Autumn, and the “Fuego” pampeano polo belt fits in just perfectly. A perfect white t-shirt and some Mango electra jeans act as the perfect base for the splash of red brought by the rest of the outfit. The Diane von Furstenberg cardigan plunges across the front creating a romantic feel, as well as keeping you warm. Completing the outfit, we have our all important accessories, with the Nevada Fringe Boots from Office, the Haymarket check scarf from Burberry, and finally a “Fuego” pampeano belt, serving to bring all the colours together. The pampeano belt completes the outfit, creating a truly Autumn feel that will carry through till the end of the year.



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