The intricate process of our handwoven rugs

Handwoven Rugs

The secret of our handwoven rugs centre around the ancient hand-loom process by which they are made. This is a craft that goes back thousands of years, and has remained relatively unchanged for all this time.

This process of using a hand-loom has the potential for incredibly intricate designs which require a great amount of skill and meticulous work. This knowledge has been passed down for generations, from one artisan to another.


The hand-loomed pampeano pieces which you see here involve Aztec inspired designs and beautiful, harmonising colours that evoke the hot summers and rugged estancias of La Pampa, where pampeano has its roots. By choosing a handwoven, lovingly crafted piece from this collection, you have the opportunity to bring the spirit of the South American life right into your home. Simply click on a featured piece to discover more about its provenance or explore the entire collection here.


It’s easy to be inspired when you see what a variety of wonderfully vibrant colours can come from natural pigments. These so-called ‘eco-dyes’ are often gathered from the local area, from flowers, vegetables and even bark. The traditional dyeing process combined with the natural fibres in the material produce these vibrantly rich colours and lively designs that simply cannot be matched by synthetic imitations. Due to the genuine handcrafted nature of all pampeano’s woven pieces,  it means that no two will ever be identical, ensuring that a hand-selected piece from this collection will be completely unique to you -a true South American treasure.


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