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The Guardian have featured pampeano’s marketing article online which has been shortlisted in their Marketing and PR showcase competition 2015-16.

Pampeano Shoot September 2014
Pampeano Shoot September 2014

pampeano is one of the only remaining authentic brands where craftsmanship and heritage is still genuinely at the heart of the business. All of its products and polo belts are still hand-made in Argentina by true artisans using traditional skills and techniques. One of pampeano’s most noticeable unique selling points is the iconic hand-stitched pampa patterns which you see can see on all of their polo belts. What is harder to appreciate from just looking at photos, is the exquisite quality of leather used for all of pampeano’s products, which really is the true essence of luxury. The highest grade, vegetable tanned leather available in Argentina, is thick, butter soft and supple which warms with age. The colour is a rich Havana brown and that distinctive, high quality leather aroma which we all know and love is satisfyingly familiar. The explicit attention to detail in the uniform stitching of the vibrant saddlery threads is mesmerizing and its nothing but pleasurable to discover all of this from within its cream and brown pampeano gift wrapping.


pampeano’s specialist team knew that they had to think outside of the box to share the experience of these stunning products, knowing that the quality was unquestionable once you experienced them for yourself. pampeano began by approaching the local university in Oxford, offering the brand as a live case study to a class of masters marketing students for fresh talent and insights on how to spread the word in the new digital age. Since then, pampeano has continued to return to the university with an internship programme, supporting the Oxford based students.


Word of pampeano and its hand-stitched polo belts spread quickly, with inspirational celebrities and bloggers choosing to endorse the brand after falling in love with the products. Both bloggers and vloggers alike have taken the time to review pampeano’s leather goods sharing their delight in the quality of the products. pampeano even travelled to Argentina to visit the artisans who stitch the belts to capture the authenticity and craftsmanship  of the products and share the imagery to all of its followers.



To read the full article, click here or head to our polo belts product page and browse through the collection where you can discover stories of how they all began.



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