pampeano new polo belt collection 2016

Get a first look at our exciting new collection of polo belts for 2016…

This year, pampeano is introducing six stunning polo belts to our collection, and we are even welcoming back a couple of old favourites. Here are two brand new designs which we think you’ll love just as much as we do.

The Marcado

This is a belt that was designed with the intrepid in mind. As its name suggests, it is a particularly striking piece. With wonderful deep, rusty burgundy panels against navy, the belt features those contrasting colours that will never fail to catch the eye. The colours in this belt remind us of a fire-coloured rock, and desert evenings against the inky-blue sky. pampeano belts start off their lives in La Pampa, a place synonymous with adventure. Vast plains cover much of the landscape, and the towering Andes Mountains dominate the skyline. On the expansive ranches of Argentina, the famous gauchos herd cattle, while practising horsemanship skills that are renowned the world-over. The Marcado belt was inspired by those who are not afraid to stand out, and we have used only the finest thick-cut leather and vibrant saddlery threads to create a piece that can be worn with pride.


The Moca

If you’re already an aficionado of our polo belts, you may recognise the design of this belt. We have taken inspiration from our popular Tornado polo belt and transformed it into this beautiful piece, which features creamy, neutral tones. Perfect for the transitional wardrobe, and suitable for the most classic of outfits. The rich colour of the thick leather in conjunction with these sandy colours echoes the pampeano logo, our famous tree and horizon motif. Though more understated than the Marcardo, this piece is certainly just as luxurious. The waxed saddlery threads were dyed and then woven completely by hand onto the bands of thick leather that we use for our polo belts. We find that this high quality, premium leather is unsurpassed, due to the satisfying, thick belts and our rigorous quality testing. Each belt is lovingly handmade with pride, by true artisans who are just as passionate about their craft as we are.


Look out for more belts in our new collection, and tell us which is your favourite on instagram @pampeano_ or twitter using the hashtag #pampeano.


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