Prince William is a fan of the polo belt! Spotted

Guess what we spotted while watching the news last night…


Prince William Polo Belt

We were already a little bit excited and emotional about the news of William and Catherine’s gorgeous baby boy. What a day! And just at the moment that we were about to change channels, and the royal couple were about to set off into the new world of parent-hood, we spotted Prince William wearing a rather smart belt, that looks rather familiar….
pampeano Polo Belt: ‘principe’ Imagine our excitement! It’s good to know that the superb polo belt is a firm favourite for the future King of England.


pampeano polo belts from Argentina

pampeano polo belts offer something unique, with abundant history, exquisite quality and fabulous colours and designs. They are statement accessories for the most discerning of customers. The colourful belts have evolved, from a variety of tribal patterns and colours, to team colours on the polo pitch and the subsequent wide array of styles for the hips of any judicious fashionista. Therefore they provide not only a unique, colourful statement of quality, but also a flash of Argentine polo history.

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