Caballero Large Travel Bag - Brown Leather and Navy Canvas

Caballero Large Travel Bag - Brown Leather and Navy Canvas


The Caballero is our answer to the classic travel bag silhouette, using our signature buttery soft leather and unique pampa stitching detail to create something exceptional. Our premium grade Argentinian leather is hand selected before undergoing traditional vegetable tanning. This is a process that requires skill and meticulous care, which produces stunningly soft, rich leather that will last for years.

The pampa diamonds, which feature so heavily throughout our collection, comes from native South American depictions of the dramatic surrounding landscapes. The peaks and troughs of the world-famous Andes Mountains rise over much of central South America, including the region of La Pampa, where pampeano began and from which we take our name. For those who journey across the vast plains and steep hills of this breath-taking region, travelling unencumbered is a must. Our adventure began in the polo fields of La Pampa and has inspired this collection of leather goods, which are all examples of the famous tradition of leatherwork in the region, passed down through the generations and still enduring today.

The generous capacity of the Caballero means that you’ll be prepared for anything. Expandable sides and a cross-body detachable strap make this bag particularly versatile for all kinds of travel, from weekends away to trips which require lighter packing. There is an interior zipped pocket plus an interior patch pocket on the opposite side. 

The straps come in a choice of navy and blue stitching or cream and navy as well as a plain version. For functions that require a more elevated style, simple detach the cross body strap and switch to the firm leather handles.

The Caballero is also available in a plain leather version as well as a khaki canvas and Havana leather.

Product Specifications


The Caballero travel bag measures 58.5 cm in width, 32 cm in height and 31 cm in depth. Weights 1.435kg, add straps = 1.695kg


Argentine Top Grain cow leather and waterproof canvas with cotton lining.

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