brand story pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, a province of Argentina renowned for its vast, rugged plains and beautiful estancias. Inspired by South America’s rich heritage of unrivalled horsemanship and traditional leather work, pampeano started in the polo fields of central Argentina and became a luxury lifestyle brand with craftsmanship and quality at pampeano's heart. pampeano offers exquisite polo belts and leather goods for those who share their passion for quality and freedom of the South American lifestyle. Our products are skilfully hand made by true artisans; each belt taking four to five hours to hand craft. Every one is a unique work of native art meaning no two will ever be quite the same. They are as individual as the people who wear them. pampeano uses only premium-grade, butter-soft, vegetable tanned leather and the finest, luxury textiles and threads available. The meticulously practised and perfected skills employed by our artisans have been passed down within their families for generations and have been incorporated into the iconic hand-stitched pampa diamonds which pampeano is so well known for, inspired by the peaks and silhouettes of the Andes Mountains and the extraordinary landscape which surrounds them. Providing an authentic piece of South American indulgence and adventure, pampeano inspires you to be part of something unique. 'Estancia' Polo Belt