Leather Polo Belt and Dog Collar - Gift Package

Leather Polo Belt and Dog Collar - Gift Package


This exclusive gift package includes one pamepano belt and one dog collar from our hand-stitched Argentine leather polo collections.

Select any design of your choice and either mix and match different colourways and designs, or choose coordinating pieces.

Each piece has been hand-woven by pampeano's master artisans in Argentina and will arrive encased in their own presentation box.


To maintain the richness of the leather, you should nourish it with a good leather conditioner every so often. Apply a small amount onto a dry cloth and rub into the leather. Use a separate cloth to buff it until all of the conditioner has been absorbed.

Try and keep your pampeano products dry. If it does get wet, just blot with a towel as soon as possible and let it air dry.

Do not machine wash.

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