Colección de Color and Plain Leather Belts

Offered in a selection of stunning shades, pampeano’s famously thick and buttery Argentine leather has been translated into this classic, pure leather collection which exudes a heightened benchmark of unsurpassed richness and quality. 

The colección de color; pampeano's famous polo belts have received a contemporary design twist with a captivating new collection of 3 hand-selected, luxury leather colours.

This exclusive collection of lustrous, hand-crafted polo belts combines rich, naturally obtained colours with matching wax-dipped saddlery threads to create an awe-inspiring contrast of textures through streamlined and sophisticated designs. A ‘colección de color’ belt is accompanied by its own luxury hand-stitched leather and suede presentation box, encompassing the style of a mini luggage trunk; a true piece of South American treasure.

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