Bordado Polo Belt with Luggage Trunk Gift Box

Bordado Polo Belt with Luggage Trunk Gift Box


The pinnacle of pampeano's luxury leather polo belts collections; the exquisite Black Bordado belt was created to celebrate pampeano's innovate new leather collection which includes suede-lined bags, luggage and small leather goods, all incorporating the iconic hand-woven pampa patterns which were originally only ever found on the polo belts.

Pampa hand-weaving is a traditional method that has been around for generations. Originally used to provide polo teams with their team colours through vibrantly coloured polo belts, pampeano has embraced this hand-craft and innovated it with these master artisans, to incorporate the intricate method onto new leather pieces, using softer, more supple leather, that is of the highest grade, vegetable-tanned and made to last a lifetime.

Traditionally, black threads like the ones used on the Black Bordado polo belt were reserved exclusively for nobility. The striking, formal black was a sign of prosperity and long family heritage, shown in the subtle gesture of a beautiful handstitched pampa pattern.

This luxury polo belt is embossed with pampeano's full logo on the back, and the subtle diamond motif on the front. An authenticity stamp has been hand-embossed onto the back of the belt. On purchase, a unique number will also be embossed onto the back, identifying your belt to you, exclusively. Initials can also be hand-pressed onto the leather belt loop at your request.

The Black Bordado polo belt arrives beautifully presented in a luxury black leather luggage trunk style belt box with magnetic closure, lined with silky black genuine suede and completed with antique brass-coloured hardware. The front of the box has been hand-woven with the iconic pampa diamond, using the same threads and technique found on the polo belt itself.

This belt is available in a range of lengths, and the standard width is 3.5cm.

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