Marino Polo Belt with Luggage Trunk Gift Box

Marino Polo Belt with Luggage Trunk Gift Box


The Marino coloured leather polo belt is handcrafted from butter-soft, navy leather and is hand-woven with matching wax-dipped saddlery threads, which are stitched tightly in an intricate, traditional pattern that can only be achieved by the hand of a true artisan. The combination of the smooth, vegetable tanned leather and the sturdy threads is satisfying to the touch and intriguing when threaded through the belt loops on a suit or casual outfit. As the thread is waxed, it means that it is easy to clean and strong enough to  match the life of the A-grade Argentine leather which only improves with age.

The tones in the Marino lend themselves particularly well to formal occasions and make for an incredibly versatile piece. Understated, sophisticated design such as this can elevate an outfit in a second, transforming your entire appearance.

Each of the five belts in the exclusive coleccion de color has been streamlined and innovated especially for exclusive events and formal attire. The iconic pampa patterns are recognisable through a stunning contrast of texture between the threads and the leather as opposed to the traditional mix of brightly coloured stitched blocks. The leather has been naturally tanned through new, specially prepared vegetable recipes to create hand-picked colours whilst keeping it full-bodied, rich and supple. The buckle has been upgraded to an antique gold coloured piece which is more formal and has been engraved with the subtle tree and horizon line logo. The back has been blind embossed with a 'handmade in Argentina' pampeano stamp and the logo at the end has been streamlined with a simple tree and horizon line.

To complete this gift of South American luxury, the polo belt is presented in its own luxury leather luggage trunk style belt box, with carry handle, magnetic closure and the most luxurious pale blue suede lining. The front of the box has also been hand-woven with a single pampa diamond to match the belt, and completed with the 'be inspired' authenticity stamp. If giving this polo belt as a gift, pampeano also offers a personalisation service where up to 3 letters can be blind embossed onto the belt loop.

Inky, navy blue colours were added to the Marino to pay homage to the night sky that spreads itself over the vast, expansive plains of La Pampa, where pampeano has its roots. Here in the central province of Argentina, pampeano was first inspired by the South American lifestyle, the sense of adventure and freedom that is embodied by gaucho cowboys and nomads on the plains. Those who travel to the coast experience the night sky reflected in the ocean and the magnificent delta of the Rio de la Plata. The sky and the water, though enduring natural phenomena, are constantly changing and developing, so that no two adventures here will ever be the same.

So it is with pampeano's famous polo belts, which are created using traditional techniques that have remained unchanged for generations. Because each one is handcrafted from natural materials, no two belts will ever be exactly alike, with a single, supple belt moulding to the shape of the owner and developing a unique patina in its surface over time.

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