Headcollar and Leadrope Plain Leather Set - Full/ Cob or Pony

Headcollar and Leadrope Plain Leather Set - Full/ Cob or Pony


Our headcollars and leadropes also come in convenient matching sets. As you explore our polo collection for the pony, you will see headcollars bearing artisanal handstitching in the pampa designs, just like those of our polo belts. Waxed-dipped saddlery threads are used to create colourful, unique patterns.

This set in gorgeous plain leather is ideal for formal shows and events. The paired back design draws the eye straight to the glossy, vegetable tanned leather in our signature Havana brown. This buttery soft, luxury leather has been crafted by true artisans, whose work is born out of a rich heritage of expert craftsmanship.

Pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, the province of Argentina which lies in the centre of South America. It is here that we have our roots, in the polo fields and vast, sprawling estancias that first captured our imagination and inspired us to develop premium polo equipment using artisanal Argentinian leatherwork.

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