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alpaca wool throw
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Arena Baby Alpaca Throw – Charcoal


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130cm x 200cm, 100% baby alpaca.

A luxuriously soft alpaca throw is a wonderful addition to any living space and a treat for winter evenings or long journeys. Naturally silky and incredibly insulating, the wool of the baby alpacas is shed when Spring hits the heights of their mountainous home. Here in the Andes Mountain range, in the heart of South America, dramatic troughs and rocky peaks characterise the landscape that has inspired natives and visitors alike, for thousands of years.

This is a part of the world like no other, where pampeano has its roots, amongst vast plains and expansive estancias, where gauchos ride across the land, tending to cattle and practising unsurpassed horsemanship. The backdrop of the mountains has long provided inspiration for native geometric art and the famous pampa diamond, which you will find handwoven onto many of the pieces in our collection. This ancient symbol is brought to life by our artisans in South America, who use skills that have been passed down through their families to achieve this iconic combination of innovative design and traditional craft which is what sets a piece from pampeano apart from the rest.

alpaca wool throw