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alpaca wool throw
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Arena Baby Alpaca Throw – Coffee


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Product Details

130cm x 200cm, 100% baby alpaca.

This irresistibly cosy alpaca throw comes in a gorgeous, pale coffee colour. Effortless style can be achieved with pure, simplistic and neutral pieces, which in turn allow the true beauty of this material to be emphasised. Baby alpaca wool is gathered from the natural loss of silky, insulating wool, as the first Spring begins to thaw the rugged terrain of their Andes grazing land. Here in the heights of the dramatic Peruvian peaks, Nomadic peoples have gathered this special wool that is now world-renowned for it’s luxurious softness and resilient quality.

pampeano has its roots firmly in the heart of South America, on the polo fields of La Pampa, in a region renowned for a rich heritage of leatherwork and handstitching. From here, we were inspired to create pieces from the finest natural materials, combining authentic South American artisanal craft with an innovative, updated design. Throughout our home collection, you will discover a range of pieces that all tell their own story, inspired by this very special part of the world.

alpaca wool throw