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Azuro Runner


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Product Details

75x240cm.  80% wool, 20% cotton.

This is another splendid rug in our Azuro range. Long enough for a corridor or small staircase, this will add interest to your home whilst protecting carpets or polished wood. The cream fringing at both ends protects the rug from fraying. This hardy wool blend is perfect for areas of high traffic, where runners are typically placed, such as hallways and stairs.

The handwoven wool and cotton blend is hard-wearing and has the ability to hold the most vibrant of dyes, such as this beautiful indigo. All of our rugs, including this runner piece, are crafted using high quality plant dyes, which are often taken from the local surroundings. As such, each piece will differ slightly to the next, and your rug will be unique, whatever design you choose.