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bespoke leather saddle
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Bespoke Polo Saddle


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pampeano offer a bespoke design service for our polo saddles.

A saddle from pampeano can be adjusted to the unique measurements of your pony. It is made by our leather artisans whose personal investment in the polo life sets them above the rest. Here in the heart of South America, in our birthplace of pampeano, children grow up learning to ride, and the national passion for polo is an inspiration to all who experience the sport on this flourishing scene.

clients may choose from our styles of saddle, and then between smooth leather or soft suede. A stunning array of colours and designs can be selected, from national flags to custom embroidery. Unique, vibrant saddles can then be created to match your team’s colours or personal style.

Each saddle is reinforced with wooden and steel frames and is sufficiently padded to ensure the comfort of pony and rider.

please email to discuss your requirements.

bespoke leather saddle