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cashmere throw
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Calma Cashmere Throw – Beige and White


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130×250, 100% cashmere.

This gorgeous Calma throw is knitted with the finest, pure cashmere wool. With a clean finish and tactile softness, the Calma can be used as a blanket, with a size generous enough to share with loved ones. The throw can be used to add an accent to your living or working area, and its luxurious appearance will make your home all the more welcoming. White and sandy grey-beige wool is used to create a contemporary design, based on traditional geometric designs from South American art. The beauty of this diamond pattern is in its symmetry, and the subtle colours are a comforting and elegant addition to any environment. Inspired by our experience in La Pampa, Argentina, we strive to create pieces which combine the traditional artisanal craftsmanship of this ancient province, with modern designs and innovative creations.

Each piece in our home collection will transport you back to the very South American adventure that gives us our name. Here, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, gaucho cowboys traverse the vast estancias, upholding a long traditional of exceptional horsemanship and cattle rearing. The breath-taking silhouette of the mountains and the sun-drenched landscapes give our designs life, and you will find that each piece tells a story about the unique part of the world where we have our roots.

cashmere throw