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cashmere throw in black and white
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Calma Cashmere Throw – Black and White


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130x250cm, 100% cashmere.

This Calma throw is knitted from pure cashmere, with a beautiful geometric diamond design that is woven using the softest black and white wool. The clean edges of the throw mean that there are no tassels or loose threads, giving it a neat, un-fussy appearance. Cashmere wool has been spun by nomadic peoples for thousands of years. A life spent travelling, often across rugged terrain, means that minimal possessions are practical. Household items are as beautiful as they are useful, and each piece is truly a work of art.

This throw is exquisitely fine, and since it comes from cold, mountainous regions, is known for its unsurpassed warmth and cosy softness. It can be folded up tightly and packed away for travelling to provide some much needed home comforts on flights and long journeys. As a stylish addition to your living space, this cashmere throw provides a subtle pattern that will complement more two-dimensional colours and textures. When browsing our home collection, you will find an array of gorgeous pieces that are hand-selected to transport you back to the rustic luxury of the South American lifestyle, all from the comfort of your own home.

cashmere throw in black and white