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Canvas Polo Cap

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Details

For immediate shipping, order a traditional black Argentine polo cap, canvas, single strap, with air vents.

For sizing: Using a tape measure or a piece of string, measure round your head in cm, just above the eyebrows and ears. You may wish to buy a larger or smaller size depending on your personal preference e.g. if you prefer a tighter fit, buy one size smaller. Our cap linings do compress, so if your cap is slightly tight to start with, this is quite normal. If possible, attempt to try on another polo cap and make sure that 1) it doesn’t feel like your head is being squeezed (!) and 2) if you bend over with the hat on, the hat does not move/ fall forward etc.

pampeano’s polo caps are made in Argentina and are worn by polo professionals and patrons alike. Formed with a fibreglass/resin mould to sustain against high impact, the cap comprises two plotted meshes of fibreglass/resin sandwiching a neoprene inner plating. Over the surface is 4mm of polypropylene which acts as a shock absorber. It is covered by either canvas or leather fabric. Soft padding on the interior to provide comfort and some shock absorption.

Please be aware that these polo caps no longer apply to British standards, and as a result cannot be accepted by those participating in SUPA (Schools & Universities Polo Association); they are the standard, quality Argentine caps that are used by polo professionals and polo patrons throughout the world.