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Cazadero Rug

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Details

80% wool, 20% cotton. Large size: 180x270cm. Medium size: 120x180cm.

This patchwork style rug is without a doubt our most impressive piece. The large size is generous enough to incorporate furniture such as sofas and coffee tables. The medium size is perfect for a slightly smaller space. With a unique range of beautiful colours and designs, this rug will be a conversation piece, and is a splendid way to bring vibrancy and cheer to expansive areas which can otherwise lack warmth.

Like all of our rugs, the Cazadero is handwoven on a loom in the traditional fashion by skilled craftsmen. The art of handweaving carpets and rugs in this style is an ancient practice, one that has been handed down from one artisan to the next. Pure wool and cotton are coloured with natural dyes. These ‘eco-dyes’ are taken from plants, flowers and even bark to create the vibrant colours that you see here. We have sourced these pieces from fair trade employers, ensuring that small textile businesses can continue to produce high quality products in a safe and socially responsible environment.

South American Aztec inspired symbols can be seen in the sections of this rug, woven in with vibrant colours to evoke beautiful scenery such as that in La Pampa, from which pampeano takes its name. La Pampa is a province located in central Argentina, bordering Buenos Aires. In the 18th century, explorers from Spain found their way to this temperate, grassy territory, and with them they brought the game of polo to a land that already had a culture of horses and horsemanship. pampeano fine leather horse and polo pony equipment is designed with this heritage in mind, using soft yet robust Argentine leather which is of the highest quality.