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Complete Polo Pony Tack Bundle – worth £1200


Product Details

A complete polo pony tack bundle from pampeano.

The polo saddle comprises: 

  • 18″ American style or Argentine style polo saddle, available in full suede or full leather. Other polo saddle sizes available on request at no extra charge for which delivery takes approximately 3-4 weeks as they are made to order . Saddle frames are wooden with steel reinforcements and include rubber filled pads.
  • Humane leather girth with equaliser
  • Nylon web overgirth (available in burgundy, royal blue, navy, black or red)
  • Argentine saddle cloth (available in burgundy, navy, black, burgundy and navy together, raspberry, light blue, beige or green pampa)
  • Buffalo stirrup leathers
  • Platform or 4 bar stirrup irons

The bridle comprises:

  • Complete bridle with two cheekpieces, two nosebands (drop and cavesson), two sets of reins (one buckled, one stitched) and martingale
  • Bit (either Cheltenham gag with cheekpieces or pelham or ported pelham, all available in 5 or 5.5″)
  • Leather breastplate

The complete polo pony tack bundle from pampeano provides remarkable value with no compromise on quality.

If there is any element in this polo pony tack set that you would like to add, remove or change, please call us on +44 (0)1865 773709 or email us at for further information.

The total value of this bundle is just under £1200

The image shown was sent to us by a contented customer who bought this set.