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cashmere throw in beige
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Descanso Cashmere Throw – Beige and White


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Product Details

130x250cm, 100% cashmere.

A Descanso throw is a wonderful addition to your living space. Made from 100% cashmere, it is exquisitely soft and so finely knitted that it can be tightly folded up and packed for journeys near or far. The most luxurious travel experience is literally at your fingertips with a beautiful cashmere blanket that is big enough to share.

This eye-catching geometric pattern is made up of interlocking chevrons in subtle white and sandy grey-beige. When you explore our home collection, you will find pieces that transport you straight into the heart of South America, where pampeano first started. Here, the gaucho life is still thriving, and these cowboys ride across the rugged terrain, herding cattle and practising skilled horsemanship that is famous the world-over. Having been inspired by the South American adventure, we have continued to work with the same stunning materials that have been used for thousands of years, dedicating ourselves to authentic, meticulous craftsmanship, using leather from the vast plains and wool from the nomadic, mountainous regions. Cashmere has been highly sought after since the Ancient times, and is still known as one of the finest, warmest wools that can be found.

cashmere throw in beige