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Alpaca wool throw
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Duna Baby Alpaca Throw – Brown and White


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130cm x 200cm, 100% baby alpaca, woven herringbone pattern.

This stunning throw is knitted from pure baby alpaca wool, in shades of brown and white, which recall the rich terrain of their mountainous home. Here, in the lofty heights of the famous Andes Mountains, the warmth of Spring thaws the rugged land, allowing the young alpacas to shed their silky, insulating wool. Traditionally, this wool is gathered, spun and woven to create beautifully patterned garments, where local designs are inspired by the surrounding dramatic backdrop of the Andes.

Subtly woven into this throw and into many of our other pieces, is a geometric pattern whose diamond-like shapes recall the troughs and peaks of the mountainous silhouettes against the South American sky. It was here, in the heart of this region, that pampeano was born. We began as experts in leatherwork and equestrian accessories, amid a thriving polo scene in La Pampa that comes from a long tradition of skilled horsemanship. The heritage skills of craftsmanship and the locally available fine, raw materials continue throughout all of the pieces in our complementing collections including home and wardrobe items.

Alpaca wool throw