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alpaca wool throw
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Duna Baby Alpaca Throw – Grey and White


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130cm x 200cm, 100% baby alpaca, woven herringbone pattern.

This throw is a beautiful piece that has been woven from pure baby alpaca wool, which comes from natural herd loss as the alpacas see their first Spring in the heights of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. This new wool is known for its silky softness, and possesses a strong yet lightweight quality that sets it apart from other wools.

The contrast between the attractive pure white fringing and the herringbone-style knit will add interest to any living space. Irresistibly tactile grey and white wool is interwoven to create a subtle geometric pattern that recalls the native designs in the heart of South America, where pampeano has its roots. Here, the distinctive troughs and peaks of the Andes Mountains are recreated using diamonds and angles, making shapes that can be discovered throughout our stunning range of hand-woven and hand-stitched textiles and leather pieces.

Pair this throw with contrasting textures and colours with pieces from our range of buffalo leather homeware items. The warmth of the glossy leather is the perfect complement to the cooler shades in this luxurious wool.

alpaca wool throw