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alpaca wool throw
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Grava Baby Alpaca Throw – Grey


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dimensions: 130cm x 200cm

material: 100% baby alpaca

This beautiful throw has been handwoven from pure baby alpaca wool, knitted into a herringbone pattern in shades of charcoal and light grey. This sought-after wool is gathered from young alpacas as they see their first Spring in the lofty peaks of the Andes Mountains, where their luxuriously warm, soft winter wool protects them during the colder months. Few can experience the stunning landscape in the heart of South America, but many will recognise the beautiful geometric designs for which this part of the world is famed. The dramatic troughs and peaks of the mountains inspire angular, diamond-shaped patterns that transport one straight back to their origin amongst the sun-drenched ranches and rocky foothills of the Andes.

Across our range of artisanal leatherwork and textiles, you will find many examples of South American inspired designs that are rendered meticulously by hand onto buttery soft leather and the finest fabrics. These intricate patterns, woven by hand, each tell a unique story about the South American lifestyle.

alpaca wool throw