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Kalli Cushion – 45x45cm

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Product Details

80% wool, 20% cotton. 45x45cm

All our pampeano cushion covers come complete with a luxurious duck feather cushion insert.

A beautiful, handmade cushion cover, produced in the traditional fashion on a handloom, using natural dyes. Copper and gold sunset tones will warm up your living or working area and the variety of colour in this piece will be sure to coordinate well with any environment. These cushions are the perfect size to fit a small armchair and work wonderfully as scatter cushions.

The palette of the Kalli collection is so versatile, with a variety of colours that will be picked up by other tones and harmonise well in any living space. The Aztec patterns that have become so popular in recent times involve ancient designs that symbolise the stunning scenery of the Andes Mountains and the Argentine estancias. South American ranches are made up of hundreds, sometimes thousands of hectares of grasslands, where cattle roam and are driven by the famous gauchos, cowboys with a reputation for horsemanship. pampeano is committed to bringing Argentinian heritage and style to those looking for a bit of home luxury.

If you are looking for more Aztec patterned products, why not pair this Kalli cushion with our Kalli Rug or Kalli Runner, for a room that looks really put-together.

The high wool content of our pampeano woven goods allows for a depth of colour and a great variety of design. The Kalli collection is brought to us by a fair trade business and the products are ethically sourced from artisans who benefit directly from profit. This allows for high quality artisanal craft that can continue to flourish.