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Kalli Rug

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Product Details

80% wool, 20% cotton. 75x120cm.

This hand-woven, artisanal rug from pampeano displays playful and stylish geometric Aztec patterns. The variety of lively colours will brighten up your environment without overwhelming the space. This is a fantastic way to incorporate aspects of traditional South-American heritage and design into your home.

Measuring 75cm by 120cm, this piece is the perfect size for bedsides, reading nooks, and cosy living areas. Adding a rug to bare floors and plain carpets is an excellent way to bring some luxury into your home. The main area of the rug is made up of copper tones, with a border of cool beige, offset by a lively green with accents of black and a bright, golden yellow.

The production of these rugs is done on a traditional hand-loom in a style that is passed down through generations of artisans. Craftsmen have been weaving with wool for over 4000 years, and it is an ancient process, tried and tested by cultures across the globe. The traditional dyeing process involves using a rich variety of eco-friendly plant pigments. The base fibre of this rug is pure wool, which is naturally resilient, static-resistant and flame-retardent. Synthetic imitations of this material are popular for rugs and carpets but the life span of these is not nearly as long as those made from real wool. The short, sturdy fringing at either end keeps the rug intact.

Our pampeano woven products are sourced from an independent fair trade business, ensuring accountability and traceability in a fair working environment. pampeano is an independent brand which seeks to produce luxury goods that are lovingly crafted by artisans who are skilled in their trade, from our lifestyle collection to our leather polo belts which each take four to five hours to complete, and every one of the carefully designed pieces is unique, being intricately woven by hand.