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La Mesa Cushion

£95.00 £69.00


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80% wool, 20% cotton

This beautiful and striking cushion immediately draws the eye with its bold, Aztec design. The rusty, copper-red tones graduate from the middle of the design outwards, blended with a deep, golden sandy colour. The traditional South American inspired pattern echoes the gaucho’s campfire on the estancia and will bring vibrancy and warmth to your living space.

pampeano cushions come with a luxury duck feather insert made to fit. The La Mesa cushion in available in two sizes, perfect as a statement for an armchair.

We also stock the matching La Mesa Footstool, for the perfectly coordinated living area. As with all our woven products, the fair trade wool is hardy and will stand the test of time.

At pampeano, we love to bring you luxury craftsmanship inspired by the beauty of South America and Argentinian heritage. Our fair trade woven goods are sourced from small businesses where professional artisans weave traditional designs using a handloom and ‘eco-dyes’, taken from plants, flowers and bark. The high wool content of these materials allows for a vibrancy of colour, while being naturally resilient and hard-wearing.

We offer both standard and premium methods of delivery, and we ship internationally. Please don’t hesitate to contact us; our customer service advisors are available either by telephone on 01865 773 709, or by email at