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Leather Dog Collar – Cielo



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Cielo: As seen in Crufts Magazine.

You are viewing our beautiful pampeano polo dog collar, the Cielo. Vibrant waxed saddlery threads in two shades of blue and grey have been hand-stitched into our iconic pampa diamond designs to create this stunning product.

Durable and rich Havana brown leather from Argentina has been hand selected for this dog collar with quality being of paramount importance to us so you can be sure that you will be purchasing a product which has been made to last. The waxed threads are easy to clean with just a damp sponge and a dab of washing up liquid for added longevity. pampeano’s polo dog collars are available in seven lengths, ranging from XXS 35cm, suited for little pups and Chihuahuas, all the way up in 5cm intervals to XXL 65cm, suited for the largest breeds such as Mastiffs. The collars also come in two widths, 1.5cm for the smaller sizes and 2.5cm for the larger, ensuring comfort, safety and style. pampeano also offers all of its designs in a Lurcher dog collar shape so there really is something for everyone.

See also our matching pampa dog leads for a perfectly co-ordinated set. This particular Argentinian leather dog collar is one of our favourites and having been featured in Crufts Magazine, it has become the go-to dog accessory for many. The shades of blue make this a timeless and classic design, inspired by the serene Argentine weather and the famous Rio de la Plata or ‘River of Silver’. Beautifully made and incredibly durable, these polo dog collars have been made with the exact same Argentinian leather and materials as our eponymous  pampeano polo belts and have been hand-crafted by the same skilled artisans with the same care, attention and expertise.

pampeano: Combining Argentine craftsmanship with British luxury.