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Leather Dog Collar – Plain Leather



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Plain Leather Dog Collars

Some dogs don’t like a lot of fuss, so if this is the case for you and you want to avoid the brightly coloured stitching of the polo pampa dog collars but don’t want to have to compromise on the quality then this is the leather dog collar for you. Made from the same perfect, A-grade Argentinian leather as our polo belts and polo dog collars, this is a dog collar which has been made to last.

The word pampeano means ‘from la pampa’ which is the area of Argentina where our business originated from and a place which is renowned for its vast rolling plains and estancias. It is on these estancias where the cattle roam free and graze on the richness of the land. The perfect environment and natural diet of this cattle are factors to what equate to them providing the perfect beef and leather which Argentina is so well known for. Expert knowledge and vegetable products are then used in the tanning process along with time, care and attention thus resulting in the exquisite leather which pampeano is so proud of and well known for. The artisans who intricately hand-craft all of our pampeano polo belts also make our leather dog collars and leather dog leads using the same processes.

The quality is what captures the attention in this leather dog collar. With a simple and chic design, embellishment is not needed. Tough chrome hardware is used which has been machine sewn on to ensure the product is secure and your dog is safe.

A matching dog lead in the same supple Havana brown Argentine leather is also available and there is even the option to personalise it by having up to five letters blind embossed into the leather.

Continuing in the plain leather range, pampeano also offers both standard and skinny plain leather belts in three popular and staple colours, brown, black and tan.