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lurcher dog collar
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Lurcher Dog Collar – Cielo


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The Cielo design features two beautiful shades of blue and grey, and is inspired by the Rio de la Plata. The serene blue waters of the ‘River of Silver’ and the expansive blue skies over the plains of Argentina both feature in this design. There, in La Pampa where pampeano has its roots, we explored the long and exciting heritage of leatherwork and handstitching, where traditional patterns are used such as the pampa diamonds you see here on this collar and across the pampeano collection.

Featured in Crufts Magazine, the Cielo collection is one of our most popular ranges, and the lurcher collar lends itself particularly well to the design. Here you can really show off each pampa diamond, with royal blue, sky blue and silver grey threads that have been woven by hand onto the leather.  These are our waxed-dipped saddlery threads, which you will find on all of our polo belts, dog collars and leads. The smooth, tightly woven threads and the sturdy leather of the band make our collars durable, and they are just perfect for active dogs in all kinds of weather.

At 45cm in length, this collar is especially suited for lurchers and greyhounds.

lurcher dog collar