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Mango Wood Chopping Board

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Details

Rectangular: 50 x 18.5cm Circular: 50x30cm 100% mango wood

High-quality chopping board made from pure mango wood. The front shows a beautiful decorative wooden design, with intricate geometric patterns. This piece is hand-carved with a rustic finish. The board can be hung up when it’s not being used, making it rather a unique and practical solution for your kitchen.

In Argentinian traditions, it is common for a young man to receive a chopping board on his 16th birthday. This is a special symbol and a rite of passage in Argentinian families, one that is related to the barbecue culture of many South American countries. Asado is the name for a barbecue, and in Brazil, they call it churrasco. Beef is a standard meat, but a variety of others are cooked on a grill, or over an open fire. In a domestic setting, the cooking responsibilities are shared amongst the party, in a casual atmosphere. At grander events, or restaurants, you will find an asador, or chief of the barbecue! He starts by lighting the charcoal fire. This charcoal will often be from trees native to the area, or from the coal of a recent campfire.

This artisanal chopping board has been hand-carved and hand-finished, ensuring that it will be one-of-a-kind. This fits in with our mission at pampeano to provide you with fine craftsmanship. Our famous belts are made from A-grade leather, hand-stitched by skilled artists. Browse our Polo Belts section to find a wide variety of beautiful handmade belts, made to last and critically acclaimed, with a style to suit every personality. pampeano polo belts have received worldwide attention for their famously high quality robust leather that is butter-soft with a glossy finish.

At pampeano we bring you high quality South American design and products for those who want luxury combined with fine craftsmanship. Browse our Lifestyle collection for many more heritage designs and artisanal products.