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Ocio Cashmere Scarf – Beige and White


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70cm x 200cm, woven diamond pattern, 100% cashmere.

Our Ocio scarves share a subtle yet intriguing diamond-eye pattern, which is rendered here in sumptuously soft sandy beige and white cashmere. These geometric designs can be discovered throughout pampeano’s collections, and remind us of the stunning landscape of the heart of South America, where pampeano has its roots. The pampa diamond is a native depiction of the shape of the Andes Mountain range, of the troughs and peaks which characterise the dramatic landscape and make very distinctive, mystical silhouettes over the horizon.

The colours on this scarf are redolent of the sandy estancias of La Pampa, where the vast plains and rugged terrain are perfect grazing land for free roaming cattle. The famous gauchos in this region ride atop strong horses, overseeing a life on the ranch that remained unchanged for generations. We love to seek out the most beautiful natural materials to use for our collections, where each piece is a treasure, hand-crafted, and inspired by the South American lifestyle.