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Ocio Cashmere Scarf – Dark grey and White


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70cm x 200cm, woven diamond pattern, 100% cashmere

The dark grey and white Ocio is knitted from fine, pure cashmere wool, creating beautiful diamond-eye patterns all over the scarf. All of the scarves in our range of cashmere pieces are wonderfully fine and silky, and will fold up into your bag for luxurious comfort while travelling. Once you arrive at your destination, this silky soft scarf is at hand and can be draped elegantly around the shoulders for warmth on cold evenings.

Cashmere wool has been gathered and spun by generations of nomadic people in mountainous regions all over the world. Rugged terrains and dramatic, altitudinous landscape give way to natural materials which provide the perfect insulation and strength for those who live there.  The diamond patterns on the Ocio scarves recall the troughs and peaks of such mountains, and bring to mind the unforgettable, dramatic silhouettes of the South American Andes against the sky in La Pampa, the first home of pampeano.