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Ocio Cashmere Scarf – Light grey and White


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100% cashmere, woven diamond pattern, 70cm x 200cm

This gorgeously soft scarf is woven from pure cashmere wool in beautiful neutral shades of grey and white. The design is a very subtle diamond eye pattern, giving an interesting three-dimensional quality to this piece, which is a luxurious take on the staple woollen scarf. A cashmere scarf like this is wonderful for long journeys and cosy evenings, as it can be draped around the body, providing that indulgent, insulating warmth that only a fine wool such as this can provide.

As you explore our collections, you will find many beautiful textures from silky cashmere to alpaca wool and butter-soft Argentinian leather. We combine our love of fine, natural materials with South American inspired designs and artisanal craftsmanship, which tell different stories about the lifestyle of La Pampa, where we first began.

The diamond-like patterns that feature so much in our collections have a very special meaning behind them. The pampa diamond is a traditional depiction of the unforgettable landscape in the heart of South America. The points and lines of these famous patterns reflect the troughs and peaks of the Andes Mountains, which cast mystical silhouettes on the horizon of La Pampa.