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polo bandages in different colours
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Polo Bandages


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Product Details

pampeano’s luxurious fleece polo bandages are extremely soft yet strong and durable, and are available in an assortment of different colours to match the rest of your polo kit. Fleece bandages are a polo equipment staple to store in your kit bag to ensure that your horse is protected during play.

pampeano polo bandages are specifically designed for the polo pony; with a fleece length of 225cm they are shorter than those of other equine disciplines, to avoid overheating during vigorous exercise.

The bandages measure 13.5cm wide to better spread pressure across the leg. Made from the best quality fleecing, with Velcro fastenings. The velcros are also stitched to the fleece to ensure longevity of use and have been tested by professionals before being approved.

polo bandages in different colours