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Polo mallet keyring
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Polo Mallet Keyring


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Product Details

Attach this tiny, hand-finished polo mallet charm to your keys or bag for a distinctive touch that is a celebration of the polo life. The traditional metal attachment has been swapped for an elegant, plaited loop and it is branded with the pampeano logo, which features the Caldén tree, native to La Pampa. Here, in the thriving polo scene for which this region is famous, pampeano began as a supplier of premium equipment to enthusiasts and professionals.

Our polo mallets are wrapped with light blue in honour of the Argentinian flag and our origins in La Pampa, where the rich heritage of horsemanship and expert leatherwork come together to create the winning combination for which pampeano pieces are so well known. In our polo collection for pony and player, you will find luxury, buttery soft leather and a range of other hand-crafted pieces, bearing our signature pampa diamond. This comes from a traditional design inspired by the silhouette of the Andes Mountains, which forms the dramatic backdrop to the heart of South America and the home of polo.

Polo mallet keyring