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Child's premium polo mallet
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Premium Mallet – Child

£89.00 £89.00


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pampeano’s premium polo mallets are made especially for us by one of the most celebrated stick makers in Argentina. We only provide the finest quality of sticks for professionals and patrons.

The key difference between the standard and the premium sticks is its balance and this comes down to the quality of the cane. Only 2% of all canes are suitable for this type of premium stick. The better the cane, the lower the flexibility in the upper part of the stick, and this is driven by the number of nodes (or knots) at the handle end of the cane – generally speaking the more nodes the better the stick. The point of flexion occurs much closer to the head of the stick in premium sticks.

Weight and size are personal preference. As your game improves you will want better sticks. The standard sticks are perfect for beginners and young players that are learning what suits them with less expenditure. When you feel confident to do so, stepping up to the premium stick will improve your game.

Head: Argentinian white tipa (tipuana blanca) wood

Handle: strong and flexible ratan cane

Sizes available: 42″, 44″, 46″, 48″.

Weights available: in 5g increments from 165 to 210. Note that stick will be supplied to the nearest selected

Child's premium polo mallet