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cowhide decorative box
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Recuerdo Cowhide Box


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Product Details

The Recuerdo storage box has been crafted using the finest, tactile cowhide that is neatly stitched to cover the surface. This beautiful, sandy-coloured hide provides a stylish accent to your desk or office display, and will add interest with a wonderful contrast of textures that characterises so many pieces in our collection. We are passionate about innovative design that combines luxurious natural materials and textures, a feature that can also be seen in our handstitched leather polo belts, equestrian and canine accessories.

This cowhide box measures 37x26x10cm, designed to hold a collection of papers, documents, maps and trinkets. It can be secured using the shiny silver magnetic closure, offsetting the cool tones of the hide. As with all natural products, no two pieces can ever be alike, and it is this uniqueness which makes our office and homeware so special. We suggest pairing a recuerdo with some of your favourite leather pieces from our home and office collection, where rich, warm vegetable-tanned leather will contrast perfectly with smooth, light brown cowhide.



cowhide decorative box