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a wardrobe staple, pampeano’s classic tan leather belt will smoothly transcend every season and trend

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Tan Leather Belt – ‘Abuelo’



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Tan Leather Belt

Nowadays a belt is something that I wouldn’t even consider leaving the house without. As you grow up, feeding good quality leather through little belt loops and a sturdy buckle, whether for functional or fashionable purposes, becomes part of the religious morning routine that we don’t even think about. A simple plain belt can be placed comfortably around the hips for men, tying in with the shoes and the leather bag, or can enhance the curves of any woman by pulling in the waist. The plain leather belt selection from pampeano is the accessory staple you need in your wardrobe and you have tan, charcoal, or black leather to choose from.

Belts haven’t always been a fashion accessory, they were often a necessity to be worn with a uniform for example. From the 16th century, military girdles became indispensable pieces of equipment in order to keep weapons in place. Previous to this, an early form of belt was even worn by the Greeks and Romans to keep their weapons hidden. It is quite remarkable that something from a military background plays a major part in the current fashion industry.

The colour and decoration of the belt during battle was also of importance, with different precious stones and colours being said to offer protection and scare the enemy. Fast forward to the present and still the colour of your belt is just as important in modern day society. Although you might not be going into battle, your belt choice can make or break any outfit.

As we prepare to transcend into spring, the pampeano tan leather belt is definitely the wardrobe staple to start with. For men, the tan leather belt can be worn with a suit at work, and as the weather heats up, will be perfect with a pair of chinos or paired with paler denim jeans at that summer party. For woman, this is perfect in the cold weather to pair with skinny jeans and camel knits, and to wrap around a maxi dress in summer. The pampeano tan leather belt will take you smoothly from this season to the next, and should definitely not be missed out on.

Standard width is 3.5cm.

a wardrobe staple, pampeano’s classic tan leather belt will smoothly transcend every season and trend