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Terracotta Vase – Large


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Product Details

An elegant statement piece, this terracotta vase is big and beautiful. It measures 58cm tall and each vase that is made in this range has a unique natural sandstone finish which has been painted on to the terracotta. This technique gives a distressed finish, which exudes old world rustic charm. This vase looks beautiful with large stems, branches or exotic cut flowers. Pair it with its slightly smaller partner vase (45cm tall) to make a pair – adding balance and beauty, both inside and outside. Complete the look by hanging an elegant, tall antique style mirror beside your vase to reflect its beauty and display its exquisite form and unique colouring from every angle. For indoor use only, the terracotta used to craft this vase has been used for decorative arts for thousands of years and it is notoriously durable so your vase should last and last.