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Tocadero Rug



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Product Details

80% Wool, 20% Cotton. Large: 180x270cm. Medium: 120x180cm.

This handwoven rug is one of our most popular. It features majestic birds and animals roaming around trees. The charming border design has a cream background depicting native flowers and there is decorative fringing at either end.

The large size of this grand rug gives you enough material to cover the expanse of a room, and is a fantastic addition to your home. The colour palette will look especially good against dark woods or red-toned flooring. The hard-wearing wool and cotton in this piece will do an excellent job of protecting your wooden floors or light-coloured carpets.

All our pampeano rugs are produced in small artisanal businesses according to fair trade agreements. This kind of skilled hand-weaving is an ancient art form, completed on a loom, and it is a practice that has been perfected over thousands of years.

pampeano is an independent luxury brand that is dedicated to providing South American heritage and craftsmanship. We have contemporary and traditional styles to suit every taste, and our hand crafted leather polo belts have received international attention for their exceptional quality and unique design. Our name means ‘from La Pampa’, which is the central province in Argentina. The vast expanse of grassy plains in this region are perfect for cattle grazing and horse-rearing, which provides a way of life for the famous cowboys, called gauchos.

pampeano offers both standard and premium delivery services in the UK and international shipping is also available.

For any assistance in selecting your perfect pampeano products, please contact us at: or you can call us on +44 (0) 1865 773709 where our dedicated customer service team is on hand to answer any of your queries.