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Trabajo Cashmere Scarf – Light grey and White


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70x200cm, 100% cashmere, woven herringbone pattern.

The Trabajo design features an ultra-fine pattern made up of subtle, interlocking chevrons in beautiful shades of grey and white. The pure cashmere wool is much finer and softer than ordinary sheep’s wool, and has a tactile, luxurious quality that is irresistible. Our scarves are wonderful for folding up and carrying on long journeys, with their lightweight feel and silky softness.

Cashmere wool has been used by nomadic people in mountainous areas for thousands of years. It is collected in the Spring, when the cold winter starts to wane, and the warming sun begins to thaw the surrounding dramatic landscape. pampeano’s story starts amongst the vast and rugged plains of La Pampa, Argentina, where the inspiring backdrop of the dramatic Andes Mountains is like no other place in the world. The historic, nomadic people use the very fine wool that they gather from their herds, weaving distinctive, geometric patterns and iconic pampa diamonds into their work, inspired by the troughs and peaks of the surrounding mountainous horizon.