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discover pampeano’s world of authentic luxury inspired by South America; the place where its story began

discover pampeano’s world of authentic luxury inspired by South America; the place where its story began

pampeano’s story

pampeano means ‘from La Pampa’, a wild region of Argentina renowned for its stunning, panoramic views and sun-drenched estancias.

Inspired by South America’s rich heritage of unrivalled horsemanship and traditional leather work, pampeano evolved from the polo fields of central Argentina, providing teams with their colours using intricately hand-woven leather polo belts; to becoming a leader in technical polo equipment for both horse and player. Today, pampeano’s exquisite leather goods are treasured by those that appreciate the simplicity, beauty and freedom of the South American lifestyle.

pampeano remains one of the few brands with quality and craftsmanship at its heart. Continuing the cherished techniques of the South American artisans, pampeano uses only premium-grade, butter-soft, vegetable tanned leather and the finest, luxury textiles and threads available. The meticulously practised and perfected skills employed by its artisans have been passed down within their families for generations. Their hand craft is incorporated into pampeano’s iconic pampa diamonds, shapes inspired by the peaks and silhouettes of the Andes Mountains and the extraordinary landscapes that surround them.

Providing an authentic piece of South American indulgence and adventure, pampeano inspires you to be part of something exceptional.

traditional artisans

immersed in a land of unrivalled horsemanship, wild gauchos, simplistic living and free-roaming cattle, local artisans settled amongst the estancias and polo fields, hand crafting the finest equestrian products from some of the best leather in the world. Inspired by the scenery which surrounded them, traditional hand stitching techniques were used to depict the peaks, troughs and plains in a meticulously skilled process which takes four to five hours to complete each pattern. Passed down through generations, this native artistry lives through pampeano’s luxurious pieces, encapsulating an inspired passion of heritage and craftsmanship. As each piece is made by hand, it means no two will ever be quite the same, making them as individual as the people who wear them.

pampeano’s thread

pampeano’s iconic pampa designs are achieved through an intricate, traditional hand-weaving process using the finest available wax-dipped saddlery threads which have been specifically selected for pampeano, unparalleled to anything else. The perfect consistency of ply, wax and vibrant colour combine to create the beautifully robust threads that exquisitely decorate pampeano’s rich, supple leather. All of these items are stamped with the pampeano logo seal of approval to mark that you are purchasing the very best in design, artisanal craftsmanship and fine materials for a luxury product that will last for a lifetime.

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pampeano’s leather

pampeano’s Argentinian leather is world class, with a remarkable reputation that reaches all four corners of the globe. The butter-soft, fine-grain leather, deliciously scented with sweet woody tones, is hand-selected for its unblemished quality by pampeano’s highly skilled artisans, before being hand-rendered into beautifully luxurious pieces, made to last a lifetime.
Quality improves with age, which is a famed characteristic of pampeano’s leather. As it softens and warms with time, a distinctive patina appears on the leather’s surface, acting as a map of your travels, storing all of your experiences and memories, completely bespoke to you.

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personalisation service

all of pampeano’s luxury leather items are one of a kind; combining contemporary and native designs and traditional hand-craft techniques. Each piece tells a story and as they are all made by hand, it means that no two will ever be quite the same, making them as individual as the people who own them. To make an item truly unique to yourself or a loved one, pampeano offers a bespoke initialling service. An elegant set of letters, especially commissioned for pampeano, are hand-embossed into the leather to create an irreplaceable piece of South American treasure that is undeniably yours. Complete with the finishing touch of pampeano’s luxury gift wrapping service for a special gift that will always remain unforgettable.

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pampeano polo belts

discover a heritage of craftsmanship through the impeccable hand-stitching techniques of pampeano’s iconic polo belts; mastered by highly skilled artisans in a traditional process that takes up to five hours to complete.


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hand-crafted bespoke saddlery

surrounded by some of the best leather, artisans and polo players in the world, pampeano was immersed in the culture of Argentina, becoming a leading supplier of premium polo equipment and leather goods. To this day, pampeano’s passion for unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship remains, offering one of a kind handcrafted pieces that are remarkable down to every last stitch and especially made for you. Enquire here to start your journey in creating something beautifully yours.

bespoke saddle

polo equipment

starting out in the polo fields of Argentina, pampeano evolved into a leading supplier of technical polo equipment which is now stocked worldwide. A completely comprehensive collection is available for the rider, pony and umpire, with items to suit both patrons and professionals. From bandages to bridles, polo boots to polo balls, all of pampeano’s premium polo equipment has to be approved by professional players before it can pass the rigorous testing stage. A specialist is on hand to answer any technical questions and a premium shipping service is available to ensure all your items arrive quickly and securely.

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discover an impeccable array of authentic hand-crafted pieces and be inspired by the luxury heritage of South America.